the final chapter of THE WISDOM STONES TRILOGY
an adventure in spiritual transformation


Centuries ago, Tibetan monks buried sacred stones around the world knowing a day would come when their spiritual energy would be needed. Ancient documents have now revealed there are five more stones to find. As the deadline for their discovery and activation draws near, the forces that oppose this prophesied transformation are proving more determined. The Wisdom Stone Seekers must finish their Mission on time, against all odds. If they fail, the world and her inhabitants will suffer.

The Wisdom Stone Trilogy concludes in this fast paced adventure story pitting these heroic seekers against The Cause, faced with having to find and activate five more Stones. Can they succeed in time?

The Wisdom Stones Trilogy takes readers on an exciting ride to international locales and sacred sites as an adventure in human spirit unfolds. Illumination of the Stones artfully presents this final chapter as the Seekers race the clock and their foes - to complete their Mission.
James F. Twyman, NY Times Best Selling Author

We have followed our wise seekers through two books as they come closer to the treasures they seek. Now each step is critical because the time is nearing for the final Wisdom Stone Activation.

Their opponents are keeping close tabs on the seer's every move and leaving nothing to chance. They are even bent on closing the classrooms of the Ancient Wisdom Seminars school.

Not only do the our wise beings have five more Wisdom Stones to
activate, but they must continue to teach the wisdom of the Stones found so far.

Five more sacred sites to find, five more Wisdom Stones to find at these sites, and get to the final Activation ON TIME!!

This incredible journey has taken us across five continents and twelve countries to reach the goal of placing twelve Wisdom Stones at twelve sacred sites. Not a adventure you would want to miss!




Illuminating the Stones, by Art Ramsay is an exciting adventure which takes us on a journey through the lives of a select few committed to do whatever it takes to bring about a transformation in consciousness to everyone on planet earth.   We share the triumphs and setbacks we all go through as we seek to remain clear about who we are and what our purpose is in this life.  Enjoy the journey.  
        Dr. Barbara Waterhouse,

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